After reading the dozens of entries we received this year, our editors finally narrowed down the winners. Congratulations to all our winners and honorable mentions!






  • The Uncallused Hand by Walker Abel.

Now Forthcoming from Homebound Publications late September 2014


  • Airstream by Audrey Henderson

Now Forthcoming from Homebound Publications mid-November 2014

  • The Strait by Andrew Jarvis

Now Forthcoming from Homebound Publications April 2015

Honorable Mentions

  • Lost in the Telling by Harold Williams
  • Virginia Marie by Lee Varon
  • Select Poems by Wally Swist
  • What Kind of the Buddhist is the Buddha Anyway? by Monika John
  • Turning Turf by Christian Reifsteck
  • Vireo by Sally Nacker
  • Plum & Wound by Marie Gauthier


Press Release for 2014 Winners [PDF].





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