Just in time for your winter hibernation, we have new ebook offerings….


Castoff_Final_Cov_final_smThe Castoff Children by L.M. Browning

Available: Kindle • Paperback

The Castoff Children is a lovely story of hope and the power of dreams and friendship…. —Tomm Moore, Writer and Director of the Academy Award nominated films The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea



Water Rocks and Trees FINAL_smWater, Rocks and Trees Poems by James Scott Smith

Formats: Kindle • Paperback

Intimate and elemental, rooted in earth, sky and a mystic wisdom, the poems in James Scott Smith’s Water, Rocks and Trees are “hymns of / becoming.” Each is the “old soul” of the book’s first poem, the work of a gracious and trusty guide, observant, nimble, never didactic, ever an acolyte of the infinite. –Catherine Abbey Hodges, author of Instead of Sadness


Paris_Cov_lehman-smShadows of Paris by Eric D. Lehman

“A lyrical, lovely story of doomed romance…” –Kirkus Reviews

Available in: Kindle • Audiobook • Paperback




landslide_cover_final_smLandslide by Andrew Jarvis

Available in: Kindle • Paperback

Andrew Jarvis’ Landslide commits now and ever to a future where ruins—the human predicament—might squish in bogs until waterways bear melons and dead seabirds revive sacredness, the bottom and top of the same landscape and slide, without distraction of cliché. Landslide is a wonderful read—lyrical as the miracle of waking up alive every morning. –Shelby Stephenson, Poet Laureate of North Carolina


Seeing the Past_Final_smSeeing the PastStories on the Trail of a Yankee Millwright

by James T. Powers

Available in: Kindle Paperback

James T. Powers digs deeply into a small patch of nineteenth century New England in a way that illuminates the present and expresses the universal challenges we all face in a rapidly changing and accelerating world. It is a story of resilience, adaptability, and persistence necessary to meet life’s uncertainties and opportunities. By interspersing novelistic first person narratives from a bygone era, Powers enlivens the past as he leads us on a fascinating adventure of contemporary archaeological and historical discovery. –David K. Leff, author of  Canoeing Maine’s Legendary Allagash: Thoreau, Romance, and Survival of the Wild


Allagash_Final_Cov_smCanoeing Maine’s Legendary Allagash

Thoreau, Romance, and Survival of the Wild by David K. Leff

Available in: Kindle • Paperback

“If you have been on a canoe trip, you know the adventure is the center of a complex venn diagram of relationship, history, and a testing of character and adaptability. David captures this and more in an artful way that will make you dream of hitting the water to commune with nature and your very soul.” —Walter Opuszynski, Northern Forest Canoe Trail, Trail Director 


Joy is the Thinnest Layer_Mock_final_smJoy is the Thinnest Layer Poems by Gunilla Norris

Available: Kindle • Paperback

“In this book of poems, Gunilla speaks with everything we might imagine and wish for from the archetype of the Elder. There is earned wisdom, there is profound nuance of emotion, there is the distillation of insight into nuggets of immense clarity. In beautiful language, she touches elusive subtleties of self and life, and in that touching, she teaches.” –Walker Abel, award-winning author of The Uncallused Hand

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