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Nora Caron was born in Montreal, Quebec. As a child, she traveled to many countries with her family, developing a love early on for culture, people, and art. In Junior College, Nora took up photography and film, and worked as a photo-journalist for two Quebec magazines. She was also the editor of her college newspaper, The Edge. In 2001, she was awarded with Best Photographer Award at Champlain College. Early on Nora showed interest in martial arts, experimenting with judo, karate, shaolin kempo karate, and tai chi.

At twenty, Nora entered university in Psychology but soon turned to English Literature, where she fell in love with Shakespeare’s works. She graduated from McGill University in 2006 with a B.A in English Literature and a minor in Spanish and German. During this time, she took up guitar, singing, and violin. In 2010 Nora graduated from Concordia University with a Masters  degree in English Literature. She speaks fluent French, English, Spanish and German.

In 2014, Nora won the Living Now Book Award Silver Medal for Best Inspirational Fiction for Journey to the Heart, book one in The New Dimensions Trilogy. The Living Now Book Award is given to books which help readers have healthier, more fulfilling, and more productive lives. Nora’s writings have appeared in magazines such as True Blue SpiritParadigm ShiftVoice of the Angels, The Wayfarer, and Spiritual Wisdom Magazine. Nora writes monthly articles for the Australian magazine Happiness & Wellbeing and the American magazine InnerSelf as well as Wholistika.

When Nora isn’t writing, she enjoys swimming in the ocean, horseback riding, running in the mountains, and traveling to new destinations. She has a passion for cooking and watching quality movies. Nora is the co-writer of the historical film Wyoming Sky currently in development.

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