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Finding the Last Hungry Heart by David K. Leff


Hungry_Heart_Final_smFinding the Last Hungry Heart

A Novel in Verse by David K. Leff


Enter a world where the past is present and stories matter. Teens climb a landfill fence, the 1960s come alive, and a disillusioned refugee from those turbulent years rediscovers himself.

Praise for Finding the Last Hungry Heart

Finding the Last Hungry Heart is a poignant story of nostalgia, wisdom, and change that celebrates the innocence of youth, the courage necessary to live through it, and the kind of camaraderie that reaches across generations.”

—John L. Stanizzi, author of Ecstasy Among Ghosts

“Poetry, parable, prophesy, and flashback, song of sorrow and song of hope, Leff has given us a captivating story that beautifully summarizes both the hopes and the legacy of the generation of love.”

—Connecticut State Historian Walter Woodward


Format: Paperback | ISBN  978-1938846236 | 180 Pages | Fiction/Counterculture

Other Formats: Kindle

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