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Journey to the Heart by Nora Caron



Journey to the Heart

Book I of The New Dimensions Trilogy

by Nora Caron

2014 Living Now Book Awards’ Silver Medal for Best Inspirational Fiction


Journey to the Heart is the tale of how one woman overcomes her bitterness and anger regarding life and love. Lucina, a twenty five year-old Canadian computer programmer, travels to Mexico in order to heal herself after a terrible burn-out and yet another bad relationship. By chance, she encounters a deeply insightful Mexican woman named Señora Labotta, who slowly helps her come into contact with her inner Self. But Lucina is stubborn and jaded, and has difficulty stepping out of her past into a universe of fluidity and acceptance. When she meets Teleo, a charming green-eyed healer, Lucina must make a decision: Either return to her fears and anxieties, or enter her heart, a place she knows very little of.



 Praise for Journey to the Heart


“An offbeat novel many a reader will enjoy”

—Midwest Book Review

“With lucid, flowing prose Nora Caron delves deep into the rift between men and women, while never losing a sense of optimism and wit.”

—Anthony Marais, author of Delusionism and The Cure

“While details vary, many readers have been where Lucina’s coming from. They will cheer for her, and if things go well for her, perhaps they will follow. Between now and then, Caron’s words are good company and her story is hypnotically heartfelt.”

—Malcolm R. Campbell, author of The Sun Singer and Sarabande

“What struck me about reading Journey to the Heart was that it seemed so real. I didn’t feel as if I were reading a story, but eavesdropping on someone’s actual path to self-realization”

—Nancy Whitney-Reiter, author of Unplugged and Now is the Time to Do What You Love



Format: Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-938846-09-0 | 246 Pages |  Visionary Fiction

Other Formats: Kindle  • Nook • Kobo | Audiobook: iTunes • Amazon  • Audible

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