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New Dimensions of Being by Nora Caron



New Dimensions of Being

A Novel by Nora Caron

Book Two in The New Dimensions Trilogy


In this sequel to Journey to the Heart, Lucina is haunted by terrible recurring nightmares. Unsure of what they represent, Teleo and her seek answers but the quest opens up many new areas of life Lucina is not certain she can cope with. Discovering that she is pregnant, Lucina faces a huge decision: Is she ready to become a mother or not? As Lucina stumbles around to find the right path for her, she realizes that keeping love alive is much more complicated than she originally thought.


Praise for New Dimensions of Being

“An intriguing new voice in spiritual literature.”

—Michael Gurian, author of An American Mystic and The Miracle


“Nora Caron pens an inspiring read about the unexpected mysteries and magic of life.”

—Laurie Graff, author of You Have to Kiss A Lot of Frogs and The Shiksa Syndrome

“In her latest spiritual novel, Caron explores Lucina’s adaptation to her new life in Mexico, her awakening to her feminine power, and her quest to discover her true self as she opens to the wisdom of the ancients.”

—Diana Burney, author of Spiritual Clearings: Sacred Practices to Release Negative Energy and Harmonize Your Life



Format: Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-938846-11-3 | 200 Pages | Visionary Fiction

Other Formats: Kindle • Nook • Kobo | Audiobook: iTunes • Amazon • Audible

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