Homebound Publications as had quite the award season. First Oak Wise: Poetry Exploring an Ecological Faith wins the Nautilus Gold Medal for Poetry. Then The Crucifixion by Theodore Richards wins the Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) Bronze Medal for Religious Fiction. Now, we are pleased to announce, Fleeting Moments of Fierce Clarity: Journal of a New England Poet has been named a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards for best regional nonfiction!

We only have eight books in our library since lifting off and already we have 3 award-winners. We are the little indie that could. Come see what everyone is raving about!

Signed editions of Fleeting Moments of Fierce Clarity and Oak Wise featuring the seal are now available in our bookstore. Likewise, copies of The Crucifixion featuring the award seal are also available, in fact you can currently save 20% off the list price. Visit our Bookstore»


A Look at our Award-winning Titles of 2013


 Oak Wise: Poetry Exploring an Ecological Faith by author and press Founder L.M. Browning was awarded the Nautilus Gold Medal for Poetry. The Nautilus has been won by such authors as Deepak Chopra, Barbara Kingsolver, Mathew Fox, Eckhart Tolle and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

This second edition of the beloved collection, Oak Wise: Poetry Exploring an Ecological Faith features previously unpublished verse, a new ending note from the author that reflects on the personal significance of the title for the author, and finally a new foreword penned by Emmy-winning Irish Filmmaker Alan Cooke.

Oak Wise is a collection of Celtic-themed narrative poetry exploring the old wisdom of the Druidic and shamanic traditions. This collection is approachable to the curious seeker just beginning their exploration of ecological spirituality; while at the same time remains insightful to long-time path-walkers. This collection brilliantly reintroduces the ecological sensitivities of the earth-based faiths, highlighting the relevance of the old wisdom in this current age of environmental crisis.

The Crucifixion is a modern American myth reframing the Old Testament in terms of the flight of African Americans from the Deep South during the Great Migration and the New Testament as the struggle for meaning in the modern, urban America.  It is the story of a young man who is lost and alone, and must return to the city of his birth to find his place in the world.  Ultimately, the man must awaken from the urban nightmare in which the world is “black and white” to realize that he and the city are embedded in a world of living color.

Wayne Gustafson, author of Community of Promise: The Untold Story of Moses, reflects: “I was moved emotionally by The Crucifixion. …In today’s rapidly changing world, the ability of individuals, families, and communities to live with hope and purpose is essential, but according to my observations, too rare. The characters demonstrate how ordinary people can live extraordinary lives that exude the power to transform those around them.”

Fleeting moments of fierce clarity are had when the confusion clears and the gray numbness that hangs about our senses draws back allowing us to see the world and ourselves with sharp relief. Follow author and New England native L.M. Browning in her wanderings across the Northeast, from the solitude of her home along the shore of Connecticut, to the rushing city streets of Boston, to the tall-pine landscape of Arcadia Park in Rhode Island to the quiet edges of Walden Pond.



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