Born in Syn

Book Two of the Original Syn Trilogy by Beth Kander

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Overview & Advance Praise

How did we get here?

That’s the question that drives each friend, each foe, and every strand of the stories woven together in Born in Syn.

From an eerily intelligent infant, to individuals wrongly accused or imprisoned, to insiders who know things they wish they didn’t and outsiders determined to bulldoze their way into the action, dozens of small decisions and huge risks pile on top of one another, contributing to the creation of a future that will change everything.


Praise for Original Syn (Book One)

Original Syn has one of the most creative settings in modern science fiction, with roots in real theories and ideas. Kander’s novel puts a bold new twist on the classic “Romeo and Juliet” story while also introducing a large variety of new characters and concepts that keep the book feeling fresh and new.” – Clarion-Ledger
“A transformational piece of literature.” – Andrew Slack, Founder, The Harry Potter Alliance

“ORIGINAL SYN is a heart-pounding book that will keep readers on their toes and turning the page.” -Mia Siegert, author of JERKBAIT

Original Syn is storytelling at its finest. Kander’s characters are fascinating, complex, and immediately relatable, and the future world they inhabit feels both mythical and tangible. Original Syn is the kind of book that stays with you long after you’ve read its final pages; an unforgettable story that pulls you in and takes you along for the ride.” -Francesca G. Varela, author of Seas of Distant Stars



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The Original Syn Trilogy

Catch up with Book One: Original Syn

Fifty years after the Singularity, the world is divided into two populations locked in a cold war: Synthetic Citizens, or Syns, human-computer hybrids with extraordinary enhancements and potentially infinite lifespans; and Originals, the individuals who did not merge their bodies with the machines.

But the decades-long battle between Original and Syn is almost at an end, because the Originals are on the verge of extinction. One of the only young Originals left in the world, Ere, knows he might someday be the very last of his kind. But when he meets a beautiful, powerful Syn girl called Ever, he questions everything he’s ever been told about his lifelong enemies.

Original Syn is a rich, dangerous world of family secrets, free will, forbidden love, and all of the unexpected peril that arises when aggressive technology meets stubborn humanity.

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Beth Kander

Beth Kander

Beth Kander is an award-winning playwright and author. She lives in Chicago, Illinois, with her husband, daughter, and two geriatric rescue dogs.

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