2016 marks Homebound Publications’ 5th anniversary. To honor our milestone, we’re kicking off a year of celebration! Look for giveaways, sales, special interviews with past and present authors, the launch of a podcast, and much more.

Founded in Connecticut in 2011 by Leslie M. Browning, Homebound Publications is one of the rising independent publishers in the country. Collectively through our imprints, we publish between fifteen to twenty books each year, we have almost seventy-five titles distributed worldwide. Over the years, our authors have received dozens of awards including: Foreword Review Book of the Year, Nautilus Book Award, Benjamin Franklin Book Awards, and Saltire Literary Awards. Highly-respected among bookstores, readers and authors alike, Homebound Publications has a proven devotion to quality, originality and integrity.

At Homebound Publications, we are a small press with big ideas. As an independent publisher we strive to ensure, “That the mainstream is not the only stream.” It is our intention at Homebound Publications to preserve contemplative storytelling. We publish full-length introspective works of creative non-fiction, essay collections, travel writing, and novels. In all our titles, our intention is to introduce new perspectives that will directly aid humankind in the trials we face at present as a global village.

Our Community

Owl House BooksOwl House Widget_2015 is an imprint of Homebound Publications specializing in literature that can be appreciated by all ages. Myth has haunted and shaped us since the dawn of language, giving wing and fleshy form to the archetypes of our imagination. As our past was spent around the fire listening to myths and the sounds of the night, so were our childhoods spent getting lost in the tangled branches of fables. Through our titles, we hope to return to these storytelling roots.

Hiraeth PressSidebar Logo (Imprint) has been publishing since 2006 with a focus on environmental literature. We primarily publish nonfiction books exploring themes of conservation, rewilding, place-based narratives, natural history, and contemplative ecology. Broadly, we are interested in books that bring together science and poetry, bridging the gap between knowing the earth and knowing the self. The Welsh word hiraeth (pronounced here-eyeth) encapsulates the spirit by which we strive and that the books we publish hope to inspire. A direct translation of the word might be something like an intense longing for one’s homeland. Here at Hiraeth Press we believe that our collective human homeland is the still-wild places of the earth.

Homebound Publications Audio: In addition to paperback and ebook, many Homebound Publications titles are available in audiobook. Look for our titles on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

The Wayfarer is the literary magazine of Homebound Publications. The journal is released biannually at the turn of each season. At Homebound Publications we publish books written by soul-oriented individuals putting forth their works in an effort to restore depth, highlight truth, and improve the quality of living for their readers. As an independent publisher we strive to ensure, “that the mainstream is not the only stream.”

Written River is a literary anthology published by Hiraeth Press which focuses on poetry and non-fiction prose exploring nature and our relationship to it. Published as an annual anthology, we strive to encourage the discipline of eco-poetics and return the voice of the poet to the body of the Earth. Eco-poetics is poetry in which the energy of the ecosystem flows through the poem, creating a written river of words which ebbs with the creativity of the entire Earth community. Written River marks the confluence of many streams and many voices as they flow back into the nourishing ground of the watershed.

Mindful Practices 

1_to_charityWe Donate 1% to Charity | Each year Homebound Publications donates 1% of our net profit to a humanitarian or ecological charity. You can feel good about your purchase knowing that a part of each order is going to a worthy cause. Charities in the past include OXFAM, The Chicago Wisdom Project, and The Edible Schoolyard Project.

Eco-Footprint | Homebound Publications greatly values the natural environment and invests in environmental conservation. Our books are printed on paper with chain of custody certification from the Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

Business Philosophy | So often in this age of commerce, entertainment supersedes growth; books of lesser integrity but higher marketability are chosen over those with much-needed truth but small audiences. Homebound focuses on the quality of the truth and insight present within an author’s writing before any other considerations. We seek books written by soul-oriented individuals putting forth their works in an effort to restore depth, highlight truth and improve the quality of living for their readers.

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