We are pleased to announce the release of Water, Rocks, and Trees is now available in paperback worldwide. This is the debut collection of poet James Scott Smith. The book was given an Honorary Mention in the 2015 Homebound Publications Poetry Prize.

The praise has been pouring in for Smith’s thoughtful work. Catherine Abbey Hodges, author of Instead of Sadness declares “…the work of a gracious and trusty guide, observant, nimble, never didactic, ever an acolyte of the infinite.”  Catherine Strisik, author of The Mistress and Thousand Cricket Song reflects, “In his first collection of poems, Water, Rocks and Trees, James Scott Smith kneels and prays alongside creation, and becomes the utterance of the naked soul.”  Mary Reynolds Thompson, author of Embrace Your Inner Wild and Reclaiming the Wild Soul writes “…Smith revels in the intelligence and vibrancy of the more than human world. Here, man doesn’t conquer nature—he converses with it. It is a conversation I didn’t want to end.” and it goes on! (Read more reviews)

Enjoy a selection from Water, Rocks, and Trees below. Look for the book in your local indie bookstore or on Indiebound.org, Amazon, B&N or right here in the Homebound Publications store.



Autumn is of letting go, returning
to the ground in slow surrender.
We rise, then fall, once green,
now crimson, pouring out to
earth like the blood of the covenant.
We wonder most in autumn if
there is something beyond everything.
Hold on as long as strength allows to
flare into the charis-wheel of
burning mortal glory, ‘til the
sweetness is as it should be,
seeped into the rhizome
rooted dark and deep.
This, the season we learn our names,
leaves in the wind,
loose and long lost
into everything.