Fireflies at Absolute Zero

by Erynn Rowan Laurie

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 Fireflies at Absolute Zero is a map of a life, written in location and longing, its calligraphy the surreal moments between dream and waking. The poems are shaped by myth, the Gaelic poetic tradition, dream worlds, personal history, and the grey-green landscape of the Salish Sea. From snowfall in the Hoh rainforest to the sensuality of a lover’s touch, the poems span decades of a life in motion, finally finding a home between the mountains and waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Praise for Erynn Rowan Laurie

“Erynn Rowan Laurie’s  Fireflies at Absolute Zero is a call to poetic arms, written with the ferocity and passion of the Earth warrior—“my poems burn like stars/ they fall like spears from the oil-black sky.” It is a hymn of praise to the old gods, written in the long tradition of poets as dreamers of new worlds, and re-memberers of old ones. Indeed, Laurie’s poetry reminds us all that humanity cannot face its struggles with either mushy platitudes or militarist cliché; we require the nuance of the poet who dances courageously on the edges, between the struggle and the embrace.”

–Theodore Richards, author of Cosmosophia and The Crucifixion

“Following an ancient tradition of craft and inspiration, Erynn Rowan Laurie’s work breathes in wonder, transmutes it into a crisp lyricism, and offers it, sharp and focused, back to the waking world.  Grounded in experience, dream, and story, these poems declare with rich attention the wild voice of the divine, the warp and weft of myth, the complexity of being human, and the great beauty of the earth, rough and sweet. Fireflies at Absolute Zero is a collection for all who seek to invite in the raw, poetic nature of being and witness to the singing of spirits and powers; bluejay, human struggle, mandrake, divine story, seashore…all brought into focus by the magic of the sacred word.”

–Ruby Sara, editor of Datura and Mandragora

“Yes, this book of poems sings with lyrics, dances with visions, flies into spaces not yet filled with song, and lights dark places. But is it a book about writing poetry or about being a poet or being at-one with the natural world, literary world, and mythological world? Or it is about spiritual journeys or about embracing more fully the unknown? Yes!”

–Mary Harwell Sayler, author of Living in the Nature Poem

“At the sharp edges of Dreams and Desires I have found a kindred spirit of the shining endarkenment.”

–J.K. McDowell, author of Night, Mystery & Light


Erynn Rowan Laurie

Erynn Rowan Laurie


Erynn Rowan Laurie is a writer and poet living on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Born in New England, Erynn spent three decades in the US Pacific Northwest before relocating to Italy. The early Irish poetic tradition and the place of the geilt, the mad poet, are inspirations for Erynn’s work. Travel, myth-making, and the wild all find their place in Erynn’s poetry.