It Is Time

by James Scott Smith, from the collection The Expanse of all Things

It is time you do
who you are.
It is time to
be one
with yourself and now.
It is a soft circle
you draw around
your own divisions.
It is a love
for all you thought left out.
It is the next step
while not knowing, it is the first
breath while still dying.
For you are gold of sun
cast once alone
into the human strain, and
only for a time.
You need not be prepared
but to the beauty
of being
broken open
to grace.
Even your sin trails off
as the spitfire incarnation
of some blazing glory.
You are your own
medium assigned to
gifts and wonders from
within to without
through which the light of a
vast mystery is refracted.
You bend it so sublime.


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James Scott Smith

James Scott Smith


Over the course of his life, James Scott Smith has lived in Michigan, Massachusetts, Kansas, California and for the last 23 years, Colorado. He studied psychology and religion while beginning his work as a psychotherapist, a wilderness guide, and a spiritual leader. He went on to create and lead a system of learning organizations designed to deliver holistic, experiential intervention in traditional and alternative settings. Breaking from his formal career in 2006, James enjoys his family and home life, the Colorado backcountry, his dogs, photography and writing.

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