Meet Our authors

Walker Abel

Award-winning author of The Uncallused Hand and Five Hearts of Aloneness 

Scott Edward Anderson

Author of Falling Up

gint aras

Award-winning author of Relief by Execution

Quinn Bailey

Award-winning author of The Currents of the World 

Heidi Barr

Award-winning Author and Editor of the Mindful Kitchen at The Wayfarer Magazine

burt bradley

Award-winning Poet of After Following

Lucy Bryan

Author of In Between Places

L.M. Browning

Award-winning Author, TEDx Talker, Founder of Homebound Publications & Divisions

hans carlson

Award-winning author of Walking Toward Moosalamoo

Aimée Medina Carr

Author of River of Love

gail collins ranadive

Award-winning author of A Fistful of Stars with co-author Milt Hetrick, and more.

Susan Cope

Author of What On Earth

Dede Cummings

Award-winning author of To Look Out From

Matthew Dickerson

Author of Voices of Rivers, Artist-in-residence at Glacier National Park and Acadia National Park

Stephen Drew

Author of Into the Thin: A Pilgrimage Walk Across Northern Spain  

Heather Durham

Author of Wolf Tree

Will Falk

Author of How Dams Fall: On Representing the Colorado River in the First-ever American Lawsuit Seeking Rights for a Major Ecosystem

Dr. Rev. Matthew Fox

Bestselling author of over 35 Offerings

Father Jacques de Foïard-Brown

Co-author of The Baobab Room

michael Garrigan

Award-winning author of Robbing the Pillars 

Caitlin Garvey

Author of The Mourning Report 

Iris Graville

Award-winning author of Hiking Naked

Kip Robinson Greenthal

Award-winning author of Shoal Water

beth kander

Award-winning author of the Original Syn Trilogy

Moss Kaplan

Author of Boy of Mine: An Experiment in Time Travel

Jason Kirkey

Award-winning author of Salmon in the Spring

Meera Ekkananth Klein

Award-winning author of My Mother’s Kitchen 

Katherine Hauswirth

Award-winning author of The Book of Noticing

Linda Flaherty Haltmaier

Award-winning author of Rolling Up the Sky and Poet Laureate of Andover, Massachusetts

William Huggins

Author of Ghosts


Award-winning Poet of Landslide, The Strait and Blood Moon

Yi Shun Lai

author of Pin Ups

David K. Leff

Award-winning Author & Poet Laureate Canton, Connecticut

eric d. lehman

Award-winning author of Afoot in Connecticut, Shadows of Paris and more.

Joseph Little

Author of Letters from the Other Side of Silence

Mary Logue

New York Times-bestselling author and award-winning poet of Heartwood

Jesse LoVasco

Award-winning author of Native

Karina Lutz

Author of Preliminary Visions

J.K. Mcdowell

Author of Night, Mystery & Light

Timothy P. McLaughlin

Award-winning author of Rooted & Risen and Seeds Under the Tongue

Joanie McLean

Author of Every Single Thing

Robert McWilliams

Author of The Kiss of the Sweet Scottish Rain

Gwendolyn Morgan

Award-winning poet and Clark County Poet Laureate 2018-2020 in Washington State

Amy nawrocki

Award-winning poet and author of The Comet’s Tail: A Memoir of No Memory

John Neeleman

Award-winning author of Logos

Marilyn Nelson

A three-time finalist for the National Book Award. 

gunilla norris

Award-winning author of Sheltered in the Heart, Joy is the Thinnest Layer and more.

Frank LaRue Owen

Award-winning author of The School of Soft-Attention and The Temple of Warm Harmony

Scott Parker

Author of Being on the Oregon Coast

Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Award-winning author of Painted Oxen

Theodore Richards

Author of Cosmosophia, The Great Re-imagining and more.

C.M. Rivers

Award-winning author of How to Carry Soup

Mark Daniel Seiler

Award-winning author of River’s Child and Shaved Ice Paradise

james scott smith

Award-winning author of Water, Rocks, and Trees and The Expanse of All Things

gail straub

Award-winning author of The Ashokan Way

April Tierney

Author of Memory Keeper

Stephen Trimble

Award-winning author of The Mike File

Maximilian Werner

Author of The Bone Pile

Gary Whited

Award-winning author of Having Listened

Francesca G. Varela

Award-winning author of The Seas of Distant Stars, Call of the Sun Child and Listen

Brooke Williams

Award-winning author of Mary Jane Wild: Two Walks and a Rant 

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