Walker Abel

Award-winning author of The Uncallused Hand and Five Hearts of Aloneness 

Scott Edward Anderson

Author of Falling Up

Quinn Bailey

Award-winning author of The Currents of the World 

Heidi Barr

Award-winning Author and Editor of the Mindful Kitchen at The Wayfarer Magazine

Rick Benjamin

Award-winning author of Bodies in the Grief

burt bradley

Award-winning Poet of After Following

Lucy Bryan

Author of In Between Places

L.M. Browning

Award-winning Author, and TEDx Speaker

Matthew Dickerson

Author of Voices of Rivers, Artist-in-residence at Glacier National Park and Acadia National Park

Stephen Drew

Author of Into the Thin: A Pilgrimage Walk Across Northern Spain  

Heather Durham

Author of Wolf Tree

Will Falk

Author of How Dams Fall: On Representing the Colorado River in the First-ever American Lawsuit Seeking Rights for a Major Ecosystem

Dr. Rev. Matthew Fox

Bestselling author of over 35 Offerings, including Naming the Unnameable 

michael Garrigan

Award-winning author of Robbing the Pillars and River, Amen

Caitlin Garvey

Author of The Mourning Report 

Emily Grandy

Award-winning author of Michikusa House

Iris Graville

Award-winning author of Hiking Naked

Kip Robinson Greenthal

Award-winning author of Shoal Water

Beth Jacobs

Award-winning poet of Long Shadows of Practice 


Award-winning Poet of Landslide, The Strait and Blood Moon

beth kander

Award-winning author of the Original Syn Trilogy

Jason Kirkey

Award-winning author of Salmon in the Spring

Meera Ekkananth Klein

Award-winning author of My Mother’s Kitchen and Seeing Ceremony 

Father Thomas Keating

Bestselling author of Open Heart, Open Mind as well as five previously unpublished posthumous works forthcoming in March 2023.

Linda Flaherty Haltmaier

Award-winning author of Rolling Up the Sky and Poet Laureate of Andover, Massachusetts

David K. Leff

Award-winning author of numerous titles.

Joseph Little

Author of Letters from the Other Side of Silence

Frederick Livingston

Author of Trees are Bridges to the Sky

Mary Logue

New York Times-bestselling author and award-winning poet of Heartwood

Karina Lutz

Author of Preliminary Visions

Joanie McLean

Author of Every Single Thing

Robert McWilliams

Author of The Kiss of the Sweet Scottish Rain

Gwendolyn Morgan

Award-winning poet and Clark County Poet Laureate 2018-2020 in Washington State

Jeff Darren Muse

Author of Dear Park Ranger

Amy nawrocki

Award-winning poet and author of The Comet’s Tail: A Memoir of No Memory

John Neeleman

Award-winning author of Logos

Marilyn Nelson

A three-time finalist for the National Book Award

gunilla norris

Award-winning author of Sheltered in the Heart, Joy is the Thinnest Layer and more.

jose oseguera

Award-winning author of And This House is Only a Nest

Frank Owen

Award-winning author of The School of Soft-Attention and The Temple of Warm Harmony

Abigail Morgan Prout

Award-winning author of Walk Deep

Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Award-winning author of Painted Oxen

Theodore Richards

Author of Cosmosophia, The Great Re-imagining and more.

Bruce Rettig

Award-winning author of Refraction

C.M. Rivers

Award-winning author of How to Carry Soup

james scott smith

Award-winning author of Water, Rocks, and Trees and The Expanse of All Things

gail straub

Award-winning author of The Ashokan Way

April Tierney

Author of Memory Keeper

Stephen Trimble

Award-winning author of The Mike File

Brooke Williams

Award-winning author of Mary Jane Wild: Two Walks and a Rant 

Gary Whited

Award-winning author of Having Listened

Francesca G. Varela

Award-winning author of The Seas of Distant Stars, Call of the Sun Child and Listen

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