On October 18th we will celebrate the release of Tinker’s Damn, a collection of poems by David K. Leff. On week two of our previews, we offer you a little tonic for the soul. We invite you to enjoy this poem and share our news with the poetry lovers in your circle. And remember, if you place your pre-order in our store, you will receive your book a full 2 weeks in advance. Visit our Bookstore»


Playing Catch


Summer of sixty-seven I dreamed of grounders

and flies, but we tossed a ball only once,

you barehanded, me clown-like in my overlarge

Mickey Mantle mitt. Throwing hard and fast, your

face a fist, you played as if Mom’s goading

was a curve high and tight to the chin.


“Charge the ball! It won’t bite!”

you yelled at the clumsy, heavy-footed

twelve-year-old extending the glove like a shield

and closing his eyes. “Cassius Clay ain’t

more afraid of the Viet Cong,” you said, dropping

the ball and slamming the back door.


Turning fifty, you sent me fifty bucks so I bought

a Rawlings to play with my twelve-year-old Little

Leaguer. Scented like honeyed earth, the glove

recaptured endless Junes of pitch and catch with friends.

Reaching for a can-of-corn pop, I saw the label:

“Made in Vietnam” I read, and dropped the ball.



*Original Photo by David K. Leff



Tinker’s Damn

Poems by David K. Leff

ISBN: 978-1-938846-15-1 | 5.5 x 8.5 | 100pgs | Pbk

Release Date: October 18, 2013

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About the Book: Deeply rooted in place and time, these poems explore nature, the built environment, and human relationships with an acute sense of reverence and wonder that renews the spirit. Reserve your copy»