On June 15th we announce that the collection Having Listened by Gary Whited had been named the winner of the first annual Homebound Publications Poetry Prize.  On September 7th we will at least celebrate the release of this poignant book. Having Listened offers a collection of poems that speak from the confluence of a childhood on the prairie remembered and an encounter with the haunting voice of Parmenides echoing across 2500 years. These poems might draw you into your own listening places, to places unheard before, to places whose voices have been forgotten or half remembered. To give you a glimpse into this award-winning collection, we offer the opening poem in the book, Prairie.  Visit our bookstore for more information or to pre-order your copy>> 





Wind sweeps across this picture


Meadowlark on barbed wire, yellow breasted door

opens with its song


Weathered fenceposts hold the wire


Below the ground they slowly rot


Wind almost everyplace in this picture


Shirts on the clothes line, their sleeves ripple


The rattlesnake suns her long body on the scoria outcropping,

her skin flutters above her like worn flags


Magpie flickers through chokecherry bushes

at the edge of the creek


The black fruit sweetens in the long light


Beneath the wind


Do not forget the badger, who digs alone

into the sod and the silence


While high above, wind carries the Rough-legged hawk

on her long hunt


Over wheat fields that move in waves across the field,

each stalk tossing its head like water


And as far as eye can see,

the shadow of anything standing ripens twice each day