Companions on the Way by Gunilla Norris


A Little Book of Heart-full Practices

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978-1-938846-79-3 | Trade Paperback | 5 x 7 | 68 pgs

This is the pre-order. Release: October 17, 2017


Praise for Companion on the Way

“This little treasure offers simple ways of coming into the present moment. Looking back can turn you into a pillar of salt, and looking forward to things that may never happen takes you away from the only time there is—which is now.”

–Toinette Lippe, author of Nothing Left Over and Caught in the Act

“In Companions on the Way, Gunilla Norris has given us all a magnificent gift: A simple book of wisdom so straightforward, so without jargon, and so comforting to read, that no one will want to be without it on the bedside table.  Here is a lifetime of good sense.  Here are beautiful sentences. And here is a book that is like Grandmother’s arms: entirely reassuring, safe, full of sweetness, and a deep sense of home.”

–Stephen Cope, Senior Scholar in Residence, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, bestselling author of The Great Work of Your Life, and Soul Friends

“In her new book Companions on the Way, Gunilla Norris’s trademark voice of lyricism, wisdom, and warmth is on full display. Carry this little book of simple practices in your pocket, and you will have the perfect antidote to our complex, stressed, and often, overwhelming world.  Each practice is a heartfelt invitation to pause, to take in the beauty and nourishment around you.  I know of no other writer with such a clear gift for showing us that small, simple, daily practices are the most powerful tool we have in finding our way towards equanimity and liberation. I am enormously grateful to Gunilla Norris for illuminating this yet again, and, in a time when we need her words more than ever.”

–Gail Straub, Co-Founder Empowerment Institute, author Returning to My Mother’s House