Doppelganger by David K. Leff



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Imagine being haunted by doubles. Picture yourself repeatedly mistaken for others, both celebrities and unknowns. A double infiltrates your family life altering close relationships. Another brings your reputation and career into question. Shadowed or second selves have long blossomed in legend and stories, but in David K. Leff’s world they leap to life, intruding in unexpected ways. If you’ve never been scarred by a doppelganger, but especially if you have, you will want to join Leff as he struggles to maintain his equanimity in a realm of mirrored selves.


Praise for Doppelganger

“Both in his re-creations of familial and public trials with confusions of identity with other ‘doubles,’ our David Leff is able to meet and be open-hearted and open-minded with his two significant doubles. And here hangs the tale: for this reader, having a double may well be the trickster universe’s way of suggesting that we are not as singular as we think, that we come to know and appreciate who we are by way of others, whether we look like them or not.”

–Margaret Gibson, Poet Laureate of Connecticut

“In a world of billions intent on submerging our identities into the whole, David K. Leff makes an eloquent plea for individuality.”

–Eric D. Lehman, author of Great Pan is Dead

“His scholarship in wresting from his own struggle a sculpture of the shared human frailty of self doubt is an accomplishment of clarity and intellect. His endeavor speaks for itself.”

–Gregg Grinspan, MD