Heart Wood by Mary Logue



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Each of Logue’s elegantly wrought poems is a reminder that in our “ordinary” lives, whether walking, flying or simply sitting in silence, we carry tragedy AND glory. And that we can choose which we will inhabit. –Nan St. Clair, author of A Distant Mirror

Mary Logue’s poetry is like the candle she praises, “Single crown of light batting back the dark.” Nothing that denies life stands unchallenged. Logue affirms life through revealing local “common” wonders of our world or, in the dark times, waiting with us for life to rise again. She knows what it is to be torn but celebrates mending, a precise stitch at a time. It’s a rare page of Heart Wood that won’t be dog-eared or have stunning phrases underlined. Mary Logue is a poet who proves mindfulness can carry cargo and deliver both beauty and truth with grace. –John Graber, author of Thanksgiving Dawn: Poems

For decades, I’ve read in both Mary Logue’s poems and prose, a clear voice carefully advising us how to be present, not just to the moment but to the world. Each poem in Heart Wood appears suddenly out of stillness like a leaf landing on the grass, an instant of precision so deeply observed, we are awakened to the mystery of everyday life. She brings us into a kind and open listening. At each poem’s close, there is an incisive circling back home to the heart of the matter. I didn’t want the book to end. –Kate Green, author of Shattered Moon, Black Dreams, and If the World is Running Out