How to Carry Soup by C.M. Rivers



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In How To Carry Soup, C.M. Rivers explores transformation through working with fear and time, love and loss, mystery and the body.  He extends to us an invitation to remain curious, and to see every aspect of life as a teacher, finding glimpses of eternity in the ordinary things of a temporal world.  We are asked to consider reinventing ourselves even as we find solace in simply being whoever we are.


Praise for How to Carry Soup

“Reading the poems in this stunning debut collection was a gift.”

– John Smelcer, Senior Editor Emeritus, Rosebud Magazine

“C.M. River’s poems depict the ordinary world with quiet elegance.  These are morning poems, to read and ready ourselves for the day’s work – and these are evening poems, lines to lay the head upon after the work is done, to quiet the mind and direct our dreams toward the sky where ‘the stars are fair and clear’.”

– Amy Nawrocki, author of Mouthbrooders