Native by Jesse LoVasco


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Native illuminates the roots that reside within the heart of being human. It reflects on the inspiration that dwells in authentic relationships with people, place and nature. Poems emanate from a source, where on earth, seasons are teachers and fire, rain and water have value and meaning.

“The stallion, the bear, the ones who dance and sing, ones who orchestrate symphonies of astounding music, ones who walk the streets with grocery carts and sacks on their backs looking for homes. Hunger opens. How deeply do you want to discover anything other than your own reflection?”

Across the earth, colors and sounds of other lands, regardless of language, speak to universal sensitivities that all people share. Poems in Native, paint pictures that resonate with life across the earth, in other cultures, in forests and rivers and observations in everyday life. That which is authentic and organic is native.

Jesse takes you from the soul’s perspective to Native peoples’ stories to women from Sicily, Ecuador, women who give birth and the essence of a newborn. Even the loon, who explains its song as “the original score of landscape and water, emanating from groves of trees, seeping through ancient feathers and bones, a call we instinctually decode, one that hails from our throats, pierces the stars with our red eyes, haunts the night with our ebony heads.