Seeds Under the Tongue by Timothy P. McLaughlin


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“What does it taste like to feed oneself to the living earth? To grow up steeped in the sanctity of the church and then, one day, walk out of the stained glass walls into the tangle of the forest, finding there the tang and savor of a holiness more ancient than any scripture? Or to lose oneself entirely during a long winter’s night in those woods, shaking and dancing through the storm to keep from becoming a block of ice, until the snow-decked trees begin to speak their black-rooted and branching language into one’s heart? How does it feel, when falling, to be caught, cooked, eaten, and spat out by the ground underfoot—to be gifted one’s voice by the soil and the stars? Read these poems, try them out on your tongue, to find out.”

–David Abram, author of Spell of the Sensuous