Terranexus by David K. Leff



by David K. Leff


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Imprint: Little Bound Books (Essay Series) | Trade Paperback | 4 x 6 | 80pgs


Connect with ordinary places close to home.  Discover inspiration and beauty nearby through the art of deep travel. Intrigue and wonder beckon just beyond your doorstep.


Early Praise for Terranexus

“Reading David’s beautifully written essay will make you realize that the wonders of nature lie right beyond your doorstep. So grab your kids, turn off your cells phones, and enjoy them.”

–Gina McCarthy, former U. S. EPA Administrator

“The questions to which Leff returns in this elegant sequence of essays are how and why we may come to love a place, and how such love may promote personal, ecological, and social health. These issues are made concrete for his readers by descriptions of walks into certain landscapes that have grounded his own thinking. Like him, we are drawn deeper into the meaning of conservation by the intoxication of ‘spicy spruce air’ on the Appalachian Trail, the profusion of birdlife above an old landfill.”

–John Elder, author of Reading the Mountains of Home

“Leff has given us a permission slip and a directive: go forth and see. Travel local, travel deep. See the beauty in ‘hard-used places.’ Canoe polluted and pillaged rivers. Everything ordinary is beautiful. Go forth and make your own terranexus, your own ‘profound connection’ to your home ground. Celebrate your place in earth—there is no other like it.”

–Howard Mansfield, author of Dwelling in Possibility

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