The Excursion by Lauren Telesz





For us, this unique project began in late 2015, when Homebound Publications and Owl House Books were contacted by Connecticut’s chapter of Make-a-Wish®. That was when we first learned of Lauren, her book and her wish.

Hear Lauren’s Story


WISH [wish] (n.)
A desire or hope for something to happen that is not easily attainable.

When I was diagnosed with cancer many things changed. I had to shave my head, wear a wig, go to the hospital, and define lots of big words for my 3-year-old brother. My family’s vocabulary expanded to include unfamiliar, new words such as cancer and chemotherapy. My brother was confused. What did all these big words mean? As I explained them to him, he absorbed their meaning, learning their definitions with remarkable curiosity and ease.
As I spent more time at home, bedridden with my brother by my side, I taught him new vocabulary and watched him pick up and try out new words. It inspired me to write this book and it was all made possible by Make-A-Wish®!


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