The Expanse of All Things by James Scott Smith



Poems by James Scott Smith

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978-1-947003-60-6 | 6 x 9 | 144pgs



In the spirit of coyote guidance through the borderland of liminal space, James Scott Smith is offering one exquisite cairn after another to the soul wandering but not lost. The Expanse of All Things is a testament of the journey from form to faith, and of the love for tradition as long as it serves the evolution of consciousness. This collection runs the seam between culture and nature with an aching hunger for experience transformed.

Advance Praise

“For those of us who live in a small world, every single poem in this collection is a home where we feel cozy and assured. For those of us who live in a big world, James Scott Smith’s poems are echoes of the deepest voices within us that are forced into oblivion during the day, but return unsolicited into our selves in the night and escort us into our dreams.”

–Tony Huang, founder of Metacircle and Metacircle Fellowship, Tianjin, China

The Expanse of All Things will remind you to wonder who you are, and encourage you to let the wild silence of the stars renew you time and again. Finding truth in the broken beauty of human experience is not an easy feat, yet James Scott Smith demonstrates that all things have the capacity to expand in ways that bring healing, life, and a reason to place your gaze firmly on the mystery of being alive.”

–Heidi Barr, author of Woodland Manitou: To Be on Earth

“Once again, James Scott Smith has conjured a gift of words and wisdom that is deeply felt and always on the edge of magical. He reveals a view of our world that is both enchanted and harsh—spirited and yet very human. I love this collection and savor each poem as a profound feeling, familiar and wildly new. This is what Whitman and Thoreau would be reading if they were alive today.”

–Jonathan Ellerby PhD, bestselling author of Return to the Sacred
“The Expanse of All Things describes the wild beauty of the earth with a clear-eyed reverence that recalls the iconic writers of the Western American landscape, Robinson Jeffers and Gary Snyder.”

–Thomas Alan Orr, author of Tongue to the Anvil