The Foundation of Summer by Eric D. Lehman



New England Stories

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A scholar forges a masterpiece, a drug dealer solves a mystery, two trackers chase each other through the space between the suburbs. Join the fanatics, impostors, murderers and fools who inhabit Eric D. Lehman’s The Foundation of Summer, as they search New England for a season of transcendence.

Praise for The Foundation of Summer

From high-stakes culinary competition in New Haven to a manhunt through autumn woods, every story in Eric Lehman’s The Foundation of Summer is a realistic but exceptional slice of life.

—Bill Ectric, author of Tamper and Time Adjusters

The Foundation of Summer: New England Stories opens like a fine wine: take a sip of a slow, hot, New England summer with its spicy overtones of self and place….” | Read Full Review»

—D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“Whether his characters are collecting fiddleheads in Maine, swapping drinks in a Montreal bar, eating adventurously in New Haven, or speed-boating through stylish Westport, Eric D. Lehman turns words into palpable topography and architecture. In these well crafted stories, people ‘at the mercy of forces we could never hope to challenge’ keep an abiding faith that ‘no trail followed to its end is useless.’ Vividly realized individuals confront dilemmas of personality and circumstance, finding themselves redeemed by experience despite unexpected and uninvited outcomes. Reading these stories leaves you feeling as if you’ve been to these places and met these people.”

—David Leff, author of Finding the Last Hungry Heart