The Wayfarer | Autumn 2015


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Featured in this Issue

THE CONTEMPLATIVE COLUMN: The Role of the Trickster in a Time of Change by Theodore Richards

A WAYFARER: The Sage of Collinsville: An In-depth Profile on Author David K. Leff by Eric D. Lehman

REIMAGINING THE POSSIBLE: An Interview with Nelba Márquez-Greene by Staff Writer L.M. Browning. In this interview, Editor L.M. Browning sits down with, Nelba Márquez-Greene, to talk about overcoming hate in the wake of senseless tragedy. Nelba’s beloved daughter, Ana Grace, was among those taken in the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In the interview, Nelba delves into her family’s love-wins philosophy, and reflects on what we can do to prevent further tragedies such as that which took place in Newtown.


The Poetry of Timothy Norton, Amy Nawrocki, Karuna Das, Camille Thomasson and Lance Garland.

Also featuring the essays: Anam Cara by Benjamin DeVos, Body Prayer by Mary Petiet, Altruistic Hiking by L.M. Browning, The Spiritual Ecology of the Shepherd by Sophia Sinopoulos-Lloyd, In the Narrows: Lascaux II and the Geography of Hope by Leslie Van Gelder, and The Wine and the Brine: Walking Cape Cod with Thoreau by Eric D. Lehman.