The Wayfarer | Autumn 2016


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The Issue Features:

Peaceful Night in the Middle-East by Karen Levy

The Farming Revolution & The New Spirituality
The Contemplative Column by Theodore Richards

Feature Artist: Birds of a Feather: An Interview 
with Illustrator Jada Fitch by L.M. Browning

Rachel’s Legacy
The Environmental Column
by Gail Collins-Ranadive

The Wayfarer
Widening the Circle: A Profile of Award-winning 
Author and Publisher L.M. Browning by Eric D. Lehman

Living the Landscape by Cindy Carlson

Reimagining the Possible
An Interview with Singer Songwriter
Kelly Kancyr by L.M. Browning

Sky Birds: A Series of Poems
by Francesca G. Varela

Featured Poets

Connor Bjotvedt
Andrea Janelle Dickens
Shawn Fisher
Carol Hamilton
Joan Howard
J.K. McDowell
Cameron Morse
Molly Murray
Wendy Pfrenger
Bobbi Sinha-Morey
Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad