Tinker’s Damn by David K. Leff


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“The poems in David K. Leff ‘s Tinker’s Damn underscore the irony of its title beautifully. Where others might see only a sterile landscape of winter ice not worth a tinker’s damn, he sees a glory of ice sculptures glittering under a cold winter sun. Leff loves the hunks and colors of this world as few of us are able to, and he describes them—both the natural and the human— in such graphic detail that they leap to life on his pages. Here too is a deep sadness for dreams not lived, for doors not opened, for piles of shoes at a concentration camp. But the water of life flows through this book, and the poet puts us in intimate touch with it. Even a dump full of life’s discarded debris is “a stew of forgotten stories the future may discern.” In Tinker’s Damn, the very stones have stories to tell. You will be richer for hearing them.”

—Rennie McQuilkin, author of Visitations