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Award-winning author of Fistful of Stars, Chewing Sand, Nature’s Calling and Dinosaur Dreaming

Gail Collins-Ranadive (M.A., M.F.A., MDiv.) is the Environmental Editor for The Wayfarer, and sponsor of the Prism Prize for Climate Literature. Author of 9 books of nonfiction, 4 with Homebound Publications, her newest offering is Dinosaur Dreaming: Our Climate Moment. She and her partner spend winters at her home in Las Vegas and summers at his in Denver.

latest release

Dinosaur Dreaming: Our Climate Moment 

Paperback | Size: 5.5 x 8.5 | Length: 185 pgs |  | List Price: 15.95




Available in Paperback and ebook.
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the book

Wherever you are in your response to the crises of the changing climate, the warming world, and the extinction of species at the hands of humans, you are not alone. And you are not powerless. As more and more of us acknowledge the looming catastrophe, this realization moves us from private despair to public demands, from personal angst to political activism. For unlike the dinosaur victims of the last mass extinction, we humans have more options than fight, flight, or freeze: we can figure out and fix what we’ve unwittingly unleashed.

“Dinosaur Dreaming shows us how to confront the greatest challenge humanity has known with awareness, hope, guts and grace.” –Elise Houghton, Environmental and Climate Education Advocate

“…a vivid snapshot of our present predicaments and powerful lifelines in addressing the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.”  –Aly Tharp, Program Director, Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth

“In this luminous book, Gail Collins-Ranadive teaches us how to see the climate crisis through the eyes of a wise elder.”
–Paddy McClelland, Co-founder, Wall of Women


A Fistful of Stars: Communing with the Cosmos

Paperback | Size: 4 x 6 | Length: 100pgs | List Price: $12.95

We are made up of star stuff! This elegant idea became tangibly real when the liberal clergy author was handed a cottonwood twig with a tiny star hiding inside. Gathering up fists full of these star sticks, and in collaboration with her ‘rocket scientist’ partner, she set out to reframe the human experience within its cosmic context. Here she shows how living in communion with the cosmos can affect the way we live in community, understand ourselves, and connect with the Source of all Becoming. In the addendum, she invites readers to add to the evolving new cosmic narrative of living ‘from ashes to ashes, dust to dust, star stuff to star stuff.’



Available in Paperback and ebook.
*Receive 20% off when you purchase in our store
+ Free shipping on orders over $40.00 with coupon code: INDIESTRONG

collected works

Chewing Sand

An Eco-Spiritual Taste of the Mojave Desert

Nature's Calling

The Grace of Place

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