A new selection from Having Listened by Gary Whited, winner of the 2013 Homebound Publications Poetry Prize. Look for it on Amazon and B&N as well as in Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. Be sure to ask your local indie bookstore if they stock the book and show your support for local business! Visit our Store»




Just as little is seen in pure light

as in pure darkness.



Wind chimes next door

Listen, they sound free

Someplace a horse is running right now


Someplace a polar bear is resting on ice

Wind moves over the curve of earth like a glove

Listen, grass says, it is here


Any place opposites move toward the next imperfection

Wind, for example

Listen, you can hear leaves tremble


Someplace a grasshopper nibbles on the tender wheat

Stops to spit, chews, leaps to the next stalk

A child sees this, mimics it with his whole body


Listen, someplace we sing the last song

The place they pull us free from breathing this air