We are pleased to announce that Theodore Richards’ novel, The Crucifixion is now available! On a day when we look back to honor the traditions and history of Christianity, we invite you to read this new offering and explore the biblical resonance in current events.

The Crucifixion is a modern American myth reframing the Old Testament in terms of the flight of African Americans from the Deep South during the Great Migration and the New Testament as the struggle for meaning in the modern, urban America.  It is the story of a young man who is lost and alone, and must return to the city of his birth to find his place in the world.  Ultimately, the man must awaken from the urban nightmare in which the world is “black and white” to realize that he and the city are embedded in a world of living color.

Several years ago, while Richards was traveling through Mozambique, the first words of this story were scribbled down as he took shelter, huddled in a dark bathroom during a raging storm. Now years later, the moment of fierce clarity he experienced in that far-removed place, comes full circle.

The Crucifixion is now available worldwide. Like all Homebound titles it is carried by Amazon.com (including the international Amazon sites), Barnes & Noble, Indiebound.org and many more. When making your purchase we ask you to consider shopping here—on our homesite. In honor of this season of charity we are currently donating $1 for each book sold through our bookstore. Visit our bookstore >>

Read the first few chapter and get a feel for the story.






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