Recently the New Haven Register interviewed James T. Powers, author of Saving the Farm.


When James Powers walks around the barns, the fields and the rooms of the house at the Dudley Farm in Guilford, he is home.

Whenever he’s there, at the corner of Routes 77 and 80, he’s connecting to a special heritage.

Powers is not the only one who has come to appreciate this connection. Over the past 22 years, a large group of community preservationists have worked together to save this farm, which dates back to the late 1700s.

Powers wrote a book about it: “Saving the Farm: A Journey Through Time, Place and Redemption” (Homebound Publications).

When Powers appeared on a recent evening at R.J. Julia Booksellers in Madison, he read from his book’s introduction, a description of how he was drawn to those 10 acres.

“Sitting on a slight hill above the road, with its picket fence and stone walls, the farm calls the passer-by,” Powers read. “The regal house and weathered barn have a bearing of permanence and strength as they cling to the land like the Yankee farmers who built them.” Continue»