On November 15th, we will release Vagabonds and Sundries: Poetic Remnants of Lives Past, the much-anticipated new poetry collection by L.M. Browning, award-winning author of Oak Wise: Poetry Exploring an Ecological FaithRuminations at Twilight: Poetry Exploring the Sacred, and Fleeting Moments of Fierce Clarity: Journal of a New England Poet.

In this new collection, Browning bring us a poetical coming to terms, as she touches on topics such as emotional trauma, spiritual disillusionment, and lost love. It is a dirge of grief and empowerment, highlighting both sorrow as well as the spirit that remains even after all else has left us.

We will be posting previews of the collection over the coming weeks. If you find that you cannot wait until November 15th, reserve your SIGNED first edition hardcover in our bookstore and we will ship your order November 1st—a full two weeks ahead of the release. The perfect holiday gift for the poet in your life. Visit our Store»


The Quelling


Within your silence, Demon

I hear your surrender.


As you go to your end

And I celebrate my beginning,


We come to the inevitable outcome

Wherein we—both of us—


Reap what we have sown.


This spirit you have starved

Is nourished by the fruition

Of long-held hopes you resented.


And your ego, made fat

By your exploitation of others,

Must learn how to sustain itself.


My life, now reclaimed,

Is no longer your feast.