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Wayfarer Books is an independent publishing house offering full-length works of eco literature since 2012.

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Since 2012, Wayfarer Magazine has been offering literature, interviews, and art with the intention to inspire our readers and highlight the power for agency and change-making that each individual holds.  

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Outpost Press is our latest imprint offering a hybrid route for those authors who are willing to subsidize their own project.

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At Wayfarer Books, we believe poetry is the language of the earth. We believe words—like rivers through wild places—can change the shape of the world. We publish poets and writers and renegades who stand outside of mainstream culture—poets, essayists, and storytellers whose work might withstand the scrutiny of crows and coyotes, those who are cryptic and floral, the crepuscular, and the queer-at-heart. We are more than just a publisher but a community of writers. Our mission is to produce books that can serve as a compass and map to all wayfarers through wild terrain.

Heartfulness by Thomas Keating

The interviewer, Betty Sue Flowers, draws out of Fr. Thomas the importance of silence and contemplative practice as a means of opening the mind and heart and one’s whole being to God, or the Ultimate Reality.

Captured over a two-day period and in nine hours of interview sessions, Fr. Thomas guides the listener toward an understanding of the contemplative dimension of the Gospel and its extraordinary implications and applications for personal freedom and global peace.

Forthcoming: Sylvan Crone by Heather Durham

In this third collection, Heather Durham invites you into the lush terrain of a feral human in relationship with the more-than-human world, encountering new insights in the realms of folklore, feminism, ecophysiology, mental illness, and mysticism. Entering midlife as a single, queer, non-mothering, hypersensitive, forest-dwelling hermit in the midst of personal and cultural turmoil, she finds herself continually engaged with the question, who am I, and in these essays discovers twenty unique, profound, visceral, evocative, and still-evolving answers. 

Stories from the Trail

An Anthology Edited by Heidi Barr and Connor Wolfe / Featuring Essays from: Chris La Tray, Ana Maria Spagna, Stephen Trimble, Heidi Barr, Iris Graville, Derick Lugo, Holly Scherer, Abby Braithwaite, Meghan J. Ward, River Maria Urke, Michael Garrigan, Krissy Kludt and Linda Åkeson McGurk


Matter / Mother by April Tierney

These poems are filled with the terrible, glorious truth—to become a mother is to undergo a “magnificent undoing” and be born again and again and again into ourselves. Raw. Ferocious. Tender. Visceral. Unstintingly real. These poems shine with becoming.

–Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, author of All the Honey and Hush

New from Outpost

“Herrmann reaches out for the elements of our lives  and does so in a context I know and cherish myself.”

—William Stafford

Just Wild Enough by Heidi Barr

What does it mean to be just wild enough? This is a collection of poetry that explores wildness through the lens of the seasons, the elements, the four directions, and ultimately, through the mystery at the heart of it all. Author Heidi Barr invites a wander through one’s own wildness, from finding songs in your pockets to befriending mossy logs to tuning your ears to ballads written by branches. Take a walk through words in this timeless collection and emerge more beautiful in your own creatureliness and more wonder-filled, than before.  

Being, There

This is a great book. The exactitude and the clarity of the writing is in the knowledge that we gain from Gary Whited’s growing up on a ranch on the prairie. Whether he is describing a cow or a fence post, the writing is always true to itself, true to what he’s looking at, and utterly reliable. There’s never a moment when the writing is not totally true to his understanding of the lines, and how every line that follows is trustworthy in its attachment to the elemental truth of the place.

-David Ferry, author of Bewilderment

Dear Park Ranger

“Muse is my kind of writer. A wanderer, a searcher, a Southern Western Hoosier, a son of a difficult father, and a displaced man with a deep sense of place. His essays are an attempt to ground truth experience, to present life not in theory but in its messy complexity. Importantly, he follows his own advice to tree huggers—go outside!—and from his ramblings, he has brought back this gift for us.”

–David Gessner, author of All the Wild That Remains

Michikusa House

Blending flashbacks with a tender love story, Michikusa House is a work of literary fiction that draws on the author’s own experience of recovering from the most lethal of all psychiatric disorders. This award-winning debut takes a critical view of contemporary nutrition science and American food culture while also exploring the transformative power of illness.

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Hybrid Imprint

OUTPOST PRESS Is our latest imprint offering a hybrid route for those authors who are willing to subsidize their own project to help shoulder the financial investment in the project, allowing us to take on the project that would otherwise be impossible due to lean budgets. Wayfarer Books’ Hybrid Track is operated as a PTO/POD model; we print through Ingram and have wholesale availability to the trade retailers (Amazon, B&N, Indie Bookstores, etc.) via Ingram. And, as with all our imprints, We offer our titles at the standard terms expected by retailers from the larger houses (45% – 55% Discount and Full Returnability). 

Environmental Impact

We are ever-mindful of our “carbon footprint”. Our books are printed on paper with chain of custody certification from the Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. This ensures that, in every step of the process, from the tree to the reader’s hands, that the paper our books are printed on has come from sustainably managed forests.

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Wayfarer Books is based in the Pioneer Valley in Western Mass.; on the colonized lands of the Indigenous peoples Agawam, Nonotuck, Pocumtuck, Norwottuck, Woronoco, Nipmuck, and Abenaki in what is known as present-day “Northampton” but was called Norwottuck, or Nonotuck, meaning: “the midst of the river.”

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