Getting to Know Us

Homebound Publications seeks work from both emerging and established authors.

What do we mean by “contemplative literature?” In this throwaway-culture where we buy a book in the supermarket, read it over the weekend, and then toss it, we publish books that you will have on your nightstand for a few years and return to again and again—books that nourish your mind and soul.

What’s in a Name? Homebound Publications’ name is derived from the idea of homecoming and the individual’s journey to find a place of belonging. Our name Homebound is meant as “bound for home” echoing the Herman Melville quote, “Life’s a voyage that’s homeward bound.”

About Us: Founded in Connecticut in 2011 by Leslie M. Browning, Homebound Publications is one of the rising independent publishers in the country. Collectively through our imprints, we publish between fifteen to twenty books each year that we promote and distribute worldwide. Over the years, our authors have received dozens of awards including: Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year, Nautilus Book Awards, Benjamin Franklin Book Awards, and Saltire Literary Awards. Highly-respected among bookstores, readers, and authors alike, Homebound Publications has a proven devotion to quality, originality, and integrity.

Homebound Publications is a small press with big ideas. As an independent publisher, we strive to ensure, that the mainstream is not the only stream. It is our intention at Homebound Publications to preserve contemplative storytelling and introduce new perspectives that directly aid humankind in the trials we face at present as a global village. We publish full-length introspective works of creative non-fiction, travel writing, poetry, and novels.

Homebound Publications has several opportunities for manuscript submissions. Please review the below carefully before submitting.

Please be advised, the reading periods for all imprints are from January 1st to April 1st and August 1st – October 1st. If you submit your work to us outside of the reading window, it will be reviewed in the next period. (We do have a paid, express submission options for those who submit to us during an off season. Should you choose this channel, you will receive an answer 4 weeks from the date of your submission.)


A Overview of the Divisions


Homebound Publications accepts submission of creative non-fiction (including essays, memoir, and travel writing.) As a rule, we accept unsolicited submissions of fiction and poetry only through our annual contests: The Homebound Publications Poetry Prize and the Landmark Prize for Fiction.

Owl House Books is our imprint devoted to genre fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and thriller). Please visit www.owlhousebooks.com for more information on current submission guidelines.

Little Bound Books is our imprint devoted to small form essays and chapbooks. The personal essay series is the cornerstone of the Little Bound Books imprint. Personal. Poignant. Powerful, this series is tiny in appearance at 4 x 6 in size and only 20,000 words in length; however, don’t be deceived by the small stature. The content for each personal essay in this series packs a punch to the heart (in the best sense). Think Emerson’s On Nature or Self-Reliance; Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience, Barry Lopez’s Sliver of Sky, Annie Dillards’ Total Eclipse or James Baldwin’s Notes of a Native Son—it is this honesty, grit, and intelligence to which we aspire.

Across all our imprints, we are deeply invested in reading and publishing diverse voices spanning across different religions, ethnicities, and marginalized communities. We strongly welcome submissions from of writers within the LGBTQIA community, writers living with a disability, writers living with refugee status, and Native American voices . . . to name a few. Writers from all backgrounds and communities should consider our press a safe space. 


Submitting to Homebound Publications? 

In General: We publish 20-25 full-length works a year. We accept the following styles: creative non-fiction, literary fiction, travel writing, and essay collections. We are a traditional royalty-based publisher. Our authors do not subsidize the publication of their book in any way.

Editor’s Note on Tone and Direction: We are seeking titles with a special focus on the intersection of the natural landscape and the interior landscape. Authors representative of the work we seek would be: Barry Lopez, Joanna Macy, Gary Snyder, David Abram, Mary Oliver, Rainer Maria Rilke, Annie Dillard, Cheryl Strayed, Jack Kerouac, Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau, Terry Tempest Williams, Jim Harrison, John O’Donohue, Joan Didion, and Wendell Berry.

Do you publish emerging authors? 

We get this question a great deal. The answer is yes, we do indeed publish emerging authors. We work closely with our authors so when considering submissions the quality of the author’s character is just as important as the quality of the manuscript. We look for individuals with a strong work ethic, passion, and integrity. We would rather work with a first-time author who is full of passion and drive than a well-established author who has lost her/his enthusiasm for the craft. Bottom line: We want passionate, dedicated authors who understand not only the art of writing but the business of being a writer.

Our Books

Our books are available worldwide, distributed by Publisher’s Group West, a division of Ingram Publishing Services, and are listed at standard terms through wholesalers such as Ingram and Baker & Taylor. Our books can be purchased at indie bookstores across the country as well as Amazon, B&N and other retailers. We publish in paperback, hardcover, ebook, and audiobook.

Do you publish books from authors outside the USA?

At this time we only accept proposals from authors residing in the United States or the United Kingdom. While our titles are available worldwide, we simply don’t have the marketing network to accept projects from other countries in the global community at this time. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. In time, we hope to be in a position to open ourselves to proposals from writers residing in other countries.

Putting Together Your Proposal | How Do I Submit?

Although we appreciate hearing from our readers and prospective authors, postal mail requires a lot of packaging, paper mailing materials and fossil fuel to ship. To cut down on paper usage/waste, at present prefer electronic submissions sent to us via our secure platform with Submittable. (It is free to open an account to submit your work. You can even sign in via your Facebook account.)

A Few Things to Know

If you wish to submit to Homebound Publications, please be aware of the following:

  • We contract and support authors who tour, read and perform their work, play an active part of the contemporary literary scene, and seek a readership.
  • We expect our authors to be active participants in marketing their title. You should be prepared to assist in a wide range of marketing practices, including social networking sites and blogs.
  • We are happy to receive submissions that have been sent simultaneously to other publishers.
  • No materials will be returned to the author or editor, please do not send precious or irreplaceable materials.

Response Time

Please be advised, the reading periods for all imprints are from January 1st to April 1st and August 1st – October 1st. If you submit your work to us outside of the reading window, it will be reviewed in the next period. (We do have a paid, express submission options for those who submit to us during an off season.)

The submitted manuscript should be previously unpublished. A limited number of excerpts may have appeared in print or online, but the author must hold sole rights to the work.


We look forward to reading your work!

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