The Strait_Cov_smThe Strait

Poems by Andrew Jarvis

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About the Book: The Strait explores sensory experiences gleamed from the natural environment, historic traditions, archaeological findings, and folklore of the Pacific Northwest. Jarvis presents a spiritual and honest landscape rich with images and metaphors that define our place in this beautiful, multicultural world and what it means to be human. The poems move from mystical shores to haunting woodlands, a multifaceted exploration of the imaginary and the real.




A Novel of Christianity’s Origin
by John Neelemen

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About the Book: Logos is a bildungsroman about the anonymous author of the original Gospel, set amid the kaleidoscopic mingling of ancient cultures.  In A.D. 66, Jacob is one of Jerusalem’s privileged Greco-Roman Jews. When Roman soldiers murder his parents and his beloved sister disappears in a pogrom led by the Roman procurator, he joins Israel’s rebellion against Rome. The rebellion he helps to foment leads to more tragedy—personal and, ultimately, cosmic: Jacob’s wife and son perish in Rome’s siege of Jerusalem, and the Romans destroy Jerusalem and the Temple, and finally extinguish Israel at Masada. Jacob wanders, and in Rome, he joins other dissidents—plotting vengeance not by arms, but by the power of an idea.  Paul of Tarsus, Josephus, the keepers of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the historical Jesus himself each play a role in Jacob’s tumultuous fortunes, but the women who have loved him compel the transforming and subversive climax.



by Amy Nawrocki

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About the Book: About the Book: In her latest collection, Amy Nawrocki plays voyeur and thief, surveying canvases and investigating bookshelves, searching for creativity’s origins and exploring the nature of inspiration. The poems in Reconnaissance uncover muses between the frayed pages of Byron and Shelley, in Chagall’s stained glass, at Oscar Wilde’s grave, past the deep bogs of Glencoe, and in the far away snow caps of Mount Fuji. In these insightful and elegant poems, Nawrocki invites us to believe in “the authenticity of first sight.” Open the paint box and learn how to stare.


Weaver_Fin_cov_smIn the Hands of the Immortal Weaver

by L.M. Browning

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Advance Reviews: “Browning’s verse is embedded in ancient wisdom, which springs from the Source, touching us deep in our hearts and ultimately connecting us with ourselves.”  —Maryam Mafi, author of Rumi, Day by Day




Seasons of Contemplations_Cov_2015_smSeasons of Contemplation

A Book of Midnight Meditations

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“L.M. Browning had me at the opening rumination to Seasons of Contemplation where she acknowledges the tiredness many of this generation feel, ‘not of the body but of the spirit.’ Like a Dark Night of the Soul for the digital age, Browning’s midnight meditations don’t sugarcoat life’s dilemmas. Instead, with refreshing honesty and vulnerability, Browning encourages us to ‘wade into the silence and listen.’ Sage advice, delivered gracefully yet boldly, characterizes this beautiful book, which will speak clearly to anyone who ever awakens in the night to wrestle with the unknowable.” —Kate Sheehan Roach, Editor, Contemplative Journal


Foundation of Summer Cov_sm

 The Foundation of Summer

New England Stories by Eric D. Lehman

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Advance Review: “From high-stakes culinary competition in New Haven to a manhunt through autumn woods, every story in Eric Lehman’s The Foundation of Summer is a realistic but exceptional slice of life.”  —Bill Ectric, author of Tamper and Time Adjusters