We are an award-winning independent publisher founded in 2011 striving to ensure that the mainstream is not the only stream. More than a company, we are a community of writers and readers exploring the larger questions we face as a global village. It is our intention to preserve contemplative storytelling. We publish full-length introspective works of creative non-fiction, literary fiction, and poetry. Join us.

Donating to Homebound Publications

Your donations will be placed towards expanding the number of titles we are able to accept each year, giving a voice to the countless independent thinkers currently neglected by the mainstream media. Following the merger of Random House and Penguin, five media conglomerates control 80% of the books published in the US. Supporting independent publishing has never been more vital!

What does my contribution go towards?

Your gift goes towards helping us expand our vision. Currently, we publish 15-20 titles per year. In time we hope to expand our staff and take on 25 titles per year. Your generosity will help us to reach this goal sooner. Your gift goes towards supporting Homebound Publications.

For as little as $2500.00 we can add an additional poetry title to our publishing year; for $5,000 we can add a fiction offering. Examples of what your donation will go towards are: New title development, ISBN purchases, cover art commission, ebook and audiobook production, promotional materials (such as bookmarks, release poster and so forth), and yearly operating expenses the press incurs as we keep our current titles in print.

Is my donation tax deductible?

No, your donation is not tax deductible. At present, Homebound Publications does not hold a non-profit status. If you choose to give to Homebound it would be considered “a gift to the press to help nourish our current and future endeavors.

Do I receive anything for my donation? 

Atop the gratitude of our entire staff, our donors do indeed receive gifts of thanks:

  • The Alcott Circle: Donors of $25.00 will receive a free 1yr e-subscription to our bi-annual magazine, The Wayfarer.
  • The Whitman Circle: Donors of $100.00 will receive the above and a complimentary book from our current catalog.
  • The Hawthorne Circle: Donors of $200.00 will receive all of the above and a book from our current catalog signed by the author.
  • The Emerson Circle: Donors of $500.00 will receive all of the above and an invitation for a one hour Skype with a member of our staff to discuss a personal project, indie publishing, or any other topic that comes to mind!
  • The Bard Circle: Donors who wish to give more than $1000.00 should contact Homebound Publications directly at: info(at)https://homeboundpublications.com so the perks can be tailored to the donor.

* When we see your donation come through our system, a member of the staff will contact you within 24 hours to inform you that we have received your gift and to get your preferences for the free gifts due to you (where applicable.)

How Much to Give

  • Using the button below you can make your donation via our secure paypal link you can donate paypal fund for via credit card. At the time of checkout you will be able to determine how much or little you would like to offer. Be assured, even the smallest amount can make a difference.
  • We appreciate your generosity and support as we strive to fulfill our vision.


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