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Perle Besserman


Perle Besserman_Photo by Alex PavlouPerle Besserman is the author of numerous short stories and books of fiction and creative nonfiction. Originally from New York, she has lived and worked in Hawaii for many years. Her books of fiction and nonfiction have been published by Doubleday, Shambhala/Random House, Kodansha, Tuttle, and others. Pilgrimage, her autobiographical novel, was published by Houghton Mifflin. A longtime student of Zen, she has also written such books as A New Zen for Women and Grassroots Zen (co-authored with her husband, Manfred Steger).

Her books have been translated into German, Spanish, Japanese, Czech, Italian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Hungarian, and Thai, and she has written for publications as varied as Mademoiselle, The Boston Globe, The Village Voice, A Different Drummer, Canadian Literature, and East West. She has appeared on national and international radio and television as well as in two Canadian documentary films about her work, and currently divides her time between Honolulu and Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Alex Pavlou)

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