Announcement Blurb LBB-fixed

The cornerstone of the imprint is the Little Bound Books Essay Series. Personal. Poignant. Powerful, this series is tiny in appearance at 4 x 6 in size and only 8000 – 9000 words in length; however, don’t be deceived by the small stature. The content for each personal essay in this series packs a punch to the heart (in the best sense). Think: Emerson’s On Nature or Self-Reliance; Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience, Barry Lopez’s Sliver of Sky, Annie Dillard’s Total Eclipse or James Baldwin’s Notes of a Native Son—it is this honesty, grit, and intelligence to which we aspire. Any books within the Little Bound Books Essay Series can easily be finished in a sitting. They are digestible yet impactful and will be offered to our readers at the affordable price of $12.00 per book.