an excerpt from Companions on the Way by Gunilla Norris

There is no book that talks about spiritual and heart-full practices that does not include gratitude as central. It’s not hard to see that when we are given something, and truly receive it, our response will be gratitude. In that response we add to the gift making it special. And each time we remember it, we receive it yet again.

Living a life of gratitude is to be showered with receiving and responding and receiving again. The dynamism of living in this state takes training. We have joy limits, sad to say. Yet it is true. Somewhere inside for most of us is a glass ceiling beyond which we will not let the flood of grace go, because then we will lose our small sense of self and be taken into the river of love and be tumbled about.

We won’t be in control. We won’t know where this overwhelming gratitude will take us. We’ll both fear to take it in, or fear that it will go away. What strange human creatures we are taking our bodies, the sun, moon and stars, the air, the water, the trees and our human companions, and life itself for granted.

Most of us take one-a-day vitamins. No matter what is happening in our lives, to deeply receive at least one gift a day from life, and be grateful for it can start an avalanche. More will come. It will be both fearful and blessed for to them that have more shall be given.

Gunilla Norris

Gunilla Norris


Gunilla Norris, a psychotherapist in private practice for forty years, has had the privilege of accompanying many people on their journeys to growth and healing. Her has taught meditation and led contemplative workshops of many kinds. She has published eleven children’s books, two books of poetry and eight books on spirituality: Being Home, Becoming Bread, Inviting Silence, Embracing the Seasons, A Mystic Garden, Simple Ways, Match,Sheltered in the Heart and Companions on the Way