Airstream by Audrey Henderson




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Awards and Honors

Finalist for the 2014 Homebound Publications Poetry Prize

Shortlisted for Scotland’s Saltire Literary Awards





Vagabonds, prophets and vanishing societies, hunters of rare species and rare truths, silent canyons and the New Jersey Turnpike—Audrey Henderson’s witty and profound poems lead us on a pilgrimage to the extreme edges of artistic and spiritual exploration.

Praise for Airstream

“The poetry collection Airstream has already earned the accolade of being a finalist in Homebound Publications’ poetry contest—but that’s not why it’s being recommended, here. Nor is it being recommended for its succinct verses, its grounding in literary technique, or even its striking imagery. …Its strength lies in its skill of observing and depicting the clashes between urbanization and rural environments, for its reflections on the process of change and transformation, and for its nuggets of combined wisdom and twists of story which incorporate powerful commentary within its scenarios.  …The best free verse poem becomes more than the sum of its parts. As an observational piece, the work moves between chaos and surprise, creating a milieu that transcends personal experience and moves neatly into world observations and bigger pictures of transformation…That Airstream achieves all this is what makes it a standout from other poetry collections: a highly recommended pick for poetry enthusiasts who seek free verse, mind-popping images, and equally insightful commentary on the structures and blasphemies of man-made worlds.”

—D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review | Read Full Review»

Airstream abounds with intelligence, beauty and wit as Audrey Henderson takes us on journeys and through landscapes as various as the American Southwest, Seville and the Isle of Skye. Her poems reach back into prehistory, re-imagine Biblical story, speculate on the oddities of art and of nature—always with empathy. Her confident voice is full of curiosity and daring. Airstream is an adventure for all to enjoy and a book fellow writers will envy.”

—Susan Donnelly, author of Capture the Flag

“I am so glad to have encountered the work of Audrey Henderson. These poems are full of wit, imagination, and a real delight in the sounds and moods of language. Whether she’s writing about the Scottish moors or Chaos Theory, Henderson is interested, and interesting: she seems to be continually probing the world for meaning, and the poems in Airstream are a record of that search in all its variety. This is a wonderful first collection.”

—James Arthur, author of Charms Against Lightning

“Audrey Henderson sees the world as a traveler, inhabiting but also discovering it, evoking exteriors and interiors alike. Airstream is a beautiful collection, grounded in art and culture, experience and learning, in the familiar and in the new.”

—Amy Nawrocki, author of Nomad’s End and Four Blue Eggs

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