Blood Moon by Andrew Jarvis


by Andrew Jarvis

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Trade Paperback | 56 x 9  | 104pgs

This book is forthcoming June 26, 2018

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A “Blood Moon” is a phrase that describes the red corona that appears around the moon during an eclipse. It is a physical manifestation of an event that appears strange and frightening, and is also natural. In Blood Moon, Jarvis writes multisensory natural and spiritual metaphors to explore the struggle of contemporary peoples to retain their homeland, ancestry, and watershed in an encroaching, overpowering metropolitan world.

Early Praise for Blood Moon

Andrew Jarvis relishes in the pleasure of resonant language with poetry that always engages readers by summoning detailed imagery from nature and by including all the senses as we “fall into the elements.” His work seeks to reveal to each of us the significant intricacies involved in examining life and celebrating the living, while also acknowledging death and loss as evident necessities in the natural cycle, “surveying death’s frozen underworld, / to grasp what life’s glacier envisions.” Consequently, Blood Moon presents a compelling and convincing collection of poems that offers readers a rich reward.

—Valparaiso Poetry Review

Andrew Jarvis’ latest book, Blood Moon, is a haunting poetic picture of the reality of the destruction of nature and the toll taken on mankind’s life and soul. There is also an exploration of the violence in random accidents as well as a father’s pride in hunting and killing animals. The writing is forceful and vivid. He does not shy away from confrontations with beauty and savagery.

—M. J. Kledzik, author of As if Wine Could Pour from Her Nipple

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