Cold Spring Hallelujah by Heidi Barr



Paperback | 6 x 9 | 150pgs

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“You could say we are all broken, but then again, you could say we are all part of a collective hallelujah, and that might be closer to the truth.” Cold Spring Hallelujah explores the experience of being human in a world that often seems broken. Woven together by threads of healing, coming to terms with limitation, and deep reflection on what truly matters, author Heidi Barr issues an invitation to notice the fractured radiance that has the potential to be uncovered in each human life—and to claim the story that finds a foundation in love, of both self and neighbor.

Often in dialogue with the reader, she writes, “Claiming your story takes patience and persistence. It takes the sort of self compassion that might, one day, paint the sky with a splendor that can only be found by falling into the fractured radiance that defines what it means to be alive on planet earth. Be brave enough to look through a different lens if you need to, and explore an unfamiliar path. Let the stumbles and the joys and everything in between lead you toward hallelujah. I’ll meet you there.”

Cold Spring Hallelujah is a book to keep close on the path into healing.


Advance Praise


“In Cold Spring Hallelujah, Heidi Barr puts words to moments that are full of awe and insight. Reading these poems feels like being grounded back into the wildness of the world, even while human-made devices and distractions try to pull us from it.”

–Alissa Wild, founder of We Are Wildness

“This book of poetry is full of lovingly captured moments and wisdom to ponder. Readers following the author’s healing journey might even be inspired to try their own poem-a-day process—pausing and noticing and marveling at our wondrous, natural world.”

–Kristin Bartley Lenz, author of The Art of Holding On and Letting Go

“In the plainspoken language of a trustworthy friend, Heidi Barr’s Cold Spring Hallelujah is an extended hand and invitation to walk out and into a place of careful thought and purpose. On this oft-wilded path, every verse is a warm and appreciative inquiry into considering and reconsidering the complexities of life’s pain and joy and a cultivation of patience for the liminal spaces in between. If compassionate empathy is the highest, most human state of consciousness, this collection will be a Springtime of it, quickening a hopeful sense of all that is waiting for you after all and in every season.” 

–James Scott Smith, author of Water, Rocks and Trees

“Heidi Barr’s Cold Spring Hallelujah isn’t so much a series of poetic meditations as it is a love letter to slowing down and taking notice of the healing gifts in the world around us. In a culture that seems so focused on the epic, on the larger than life, of ‘go big or go home,’ Barr suggests a different path. ‘Let’s do something different,’ she urges, ‘and accept the mundane.’ The gorgeous poems she shares as gentle suggestions in how we might do so make me grateful for her company in the trying.”

–Chris La Tray, award winning author of One-Sentence Journal

Cold Spring Hallelujah changed my pace and found the forest of my soul where all things are connected. As I read, I am pulled into the seasons and moments between them, where ordinary details are reclaimed as holy delight. I am glad for the reminder to consider God with reverent wonder and nature as a worthy neighbor.”

–Pastor Meta Herrick Carlson, author of Ordinary Blessings

“In this high velocity age of soul-blinding techno-digital distraction, material accumulation, and spiritual grasping, Heidi Barr’s Cold Spring Hallelujah is a breath of fresh air. This gentle, flowing collection is an antidote to the impoverished consciousness of these maddening times. Barr’s poems demonstrate how to slow down and come into holy union with the numinous that is ever-present in our everyday lives.”

–Frank LaRue Owen, poet, author of The School of Soft-Attention

“We all know that feeling of a cold spring; usually, we want it to be otherwise. But in these poems of triumph and authentic awareness, Heidi Barr gifts us with lines that sparkle, that remind us to stay open and welcoming when resistance and torment are uppermost in our thoughts. Be enamored with your existence, she writes. A powerful message that nourishes the soul, and just like the warmth of hot tea when chilled to the bone, Barr’s collection has a magnetic quality you’ll want to experience time and time again. A book for lingering.”

–D.A. Hickman, author of Ancients of the Earth: Poems of Time

“In an age when it can be challenging to identify beauty amongst sadness, the injustice and the messy unfolding, Cold Spring Hallelujah offers something other than simple hope or optimism. Heidi Barr offers an invitation to trust what is on the other side of each moment. It is an anthem for the inevitable turns of death & rebirth in this life—an expression of thanksgiving and rejoice from the deepest—and at times—darkest, recesses of our being. It’s bound to become one of those works that gets passed along, like a family prayer or favorite story that always arrives exactly when and where it is needed most. Keep these poems close to your arm chair—I expect they will be the kind of company you will want to welcome, even on the quietest of days.”

–Lindsey Ruder, writer, farmer, yogi and wellness seeker

“Heidi’s words always go straight to the heart. This beautiful book of poems allows you to put your thoughts on hold for a minute and reconnect you with the earth’s energy. She writes about the beauty of nature, the need to explore and the magic that you can find in between the seasons. These words are a portal to what has almost been lost, our connection to source.”

–Iris Suurland, Founder of the Nabalo Company