Rooted and Risen by Timothy P. McLaughlin


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“Here is a wide-hearted man utterly in love with the ground on which he stands, with the broad-limbed and leafing trunks, with the antlered powers and the rain-swollen clouds. On some nights his sleep carries him down and down into the earth where he encounters his ancestors; on others, the crescent moon pours an unseen wine into his chest, and he begins to sing. His songs are these poems.

“Timothy P. McLaughlin is an oral poet, and hence the texts written herein are like musical scores; they are meant to be voiced aloud, their rhythms and tones sounded on the breath so they can join the conversation already underway between the thrumming crickets and the coyotes and the wind whooshing through the telephone wires. Yet the clustered words on these pages can also be viewed as cairns—piles of precise stones or terms marking McLaughlin’s way into the many-voiced forest, investigating the manner in which human language, by praising, transforms to prayer.”

—David Abram, author of Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology