Slouching Toward Radiance by Heidi Barr


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Slouching Toward Radiance is a collection of nature poetry, meditations, gentle advice, and nudges toward reflection. It’s the sort of poetry that anyone can read, even people who don’t like poetry— a book that can be picked up and paged through to whatever sections fit for the day or season of life. Heidi Barr’s words are worthy companions on the way toward living a life steeped in integrity and compassion for one’s fellow beings—from the human down the street to a deer in the forest. It’s a walk through a metaphorical day, from dawn to dusk, noticing the holy ordinary even through storms, by way of solitude and community. It’s an invitation to start where you are, to find beauty and healing in the everyday stuff of life, and to make the choices that lead to fully living in the ways that work best.

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Trade Paperback, Hardcover