The Wayfarer Autumn 2019


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Details: Autumn 2019 Issue | Paperback | 8.5 x 11 | 70 Pages | Full Color | Thick 70lb paper with a Sustainable Forestry Certificate

Since 2012, The Wayfarer has been offering literature, interviews, and art with the intention to inspires our readers, enrich their lives, and highlight the power for agency and change-making that each individual holds.

By our definition, a wayfarer is one whose inner compass is ever-oriented to truth, wisdom, healing, and beauty in their own wandering. The Wayfarer’s mission as a publication is to foster a community of contemplative voices and provide readers with resources and perspectives that support them in their own journey.

As we move into our 7th year, in the face of these frightening times we must endure, we renew our commitment to our readers to be a space of solace and our pledge to advocate for marginalized communities, the arts, and environmental conservation.

Interviews in This Issue: In this issue, we speak with award-winning poet Andrea Gibson, winner of the 2018 Montana Book Award, Chris LaTray, and Founder of The Folded Map Project Tonika Lewis Johnson.

Our Signature Features: The Mindful Kitchen by Heidi Barr, Life & the Arts by Eric D. Lehman, the Contemplative Column by Theodore Richards, the Environmental Column by Gail Collins-Ranadive, and the newly-launched Travel Column by L.M. Browning-

Feature Poets: Cooper Young, Karina Lutz, Iain Twiddy, Quinn Bailey, Nathan Manley, Robin Ray, Timothy Robbins, Lynn Domina, James Crews, L.M. Browning, Amy Nawrocki, Al Maginnes, Kenneth Kesner, and Kevin Wayne Zerbe

Feature Essays:These Things Matter to Me by Iris Graville and Room of a Thousand Stories: Enchantment, Connection and the Ghost of Longfellow’s Wayside Inn by David K. Leff