To the Left of the Sun by Linda Flaherty Haltmaier


by Linda Flaherty Haltmaier

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By turns irreverent, playful, and serious, Haltmaier’s poems explore the phenomena of daily life with a deft clarity that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Brimming with nuance and surprise, To the Left of the Sun touches on the themes of solitude and union, love and letting go, and the redemptive power of nature. Haltmaier’s unflinching eye lays bare the hidden miracles in choosing a head of cabbage at the farmer’s market, taking a morning walk, or watching her mother’s decline into dementia. The everyday and the heartrending undergo a light-infusing alchemy in her hands. At its heart, To the Left of the Sun is a portal to a world where wonder, humor, and beauty can be found in even the most unlikely places.

Early Praise for To the Left of the Sun

“Like Blake’s worm inside the rose, this remarkable collection is as much a celebration of life as it is a poignant exploration of grief. Haltmaeir’s poems are both lush and economical. Her images arrest us. Nature is everywhere, and we are constantly touching it with our fingertips and brushing against it with our cheeks. Watch out, reader! These ‘words with glossy berries’ will ‘lure you in’ and have ‘prickers to make you bleed.’ These poems will remake you and set you wandering among the fields, feeling fully alive.”

–Kristin Bock, award-winning author of Cloisters

“The poems in To the Left of the Sun are so alive—they whisper, they shout, they pulsate with fury and wonder and the compulsion to dig deeper into the game of existence. They need to be read aloud, shared, celebrated. We remain fortunate to add Haltmaier’s distinctive, vibrant voice to contemporary discourse.”

–Sean Murphy, bestselling author of Please Talk About Me When I’m Gone

“In To the Left of the Sun, Haltmaier applies her enviable tools as a writer–-her sensational imagery, her deft ear for the music in language, her emotional sonar for sounding the depths of love (and of anger)—to not quite everything under the sun. In this, her third work, we enjoy the deepening and strengthening of the poet’s singular voice.”

–Rod Kessler, author of Off in Zimbabwe

“There is a luminous quality to Haltmaier’s poems about childhood that is characteristic of the best writing on the subject. She takes us to the heart of the human predicament, the moment when innocence meets the brokenness of the world.”

–Audrey Henderson, author of Airstream

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