Thomas lloyd Qualls

Thomas Lloyd Qualls is a writer, a condition that is apparently incurable. He is also a storyteller, the former owner of a music festival, a licensed attorney who has overturned two death sentences, and a one-time vagabond who used to wander the globe with a backpack and three changes of clothes. 

What he means to say is that he is a human being who, so far, has done all these things. He’ll probably do more things not on this list.

With all of his creative work, he seeks to bridge the worlds of literary and spiritual and to blur the lines between what is real and what is imagined. He also strives to create worlds where labels are difficult to affix. He loves Pablo Neruda’s poem Too Many Names.

Thomas lives in the high desert beauty of Northern Nevada, along with the children’s author Lynell Garfield and their son. You can follow his trail of words and other misadventures at www.tlqonline.com.

Latest release

happiness is an imaginary line in the sand

978-1953340245 |  Trade paperback | 300pp  |. List: $18.95

In this collection of observations, contemplations, and insights, award-winning author Thomas Lloyd Qualls offers us a practical oracle we can carry with us and consult whenever we need.

Part field notes from a seeker’s journey and part teachings of a would-be monk who doesn’t live on the side of a mountain, Happiness Is an Imaginary Line in the Sand offers wit, wisdom, and a stubborn belief that a better world is not only possible, but right in front of us.

With all his writings, Thomas seeks to bridge the worlds of literature and spirituality. 


Available in Paperback and ebook.
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Painted Oxen

978-1947003361 |  Trade paperback | 300pp  |  List: $18.95

Bridging the worlds of ancient Tibet and modern-day India, Painted Oxen weaves a tale of two men–one young, one old–on parallel journeys. Their separate-but-connected pilgrimages are equal parts internal and external.

The old man, a Tibetan monk, is searching for a sacred hidden valley known to bring enlightenment to those who enter it. The young man is backpacking through India, searching for a guru or the love of his life; he doesn’t care which. A mysterious red-haired woman who resembles an ancient goddess appears in a series of dream chapters that tie the two journeys together.

Painted Oxen is a novel of transcendence, one that not only invites its readers into its story, but somehow enmeshes them in its alchemy, leaving them changed in unexpected ways at its journeys end. 

The underlying theme of the novel is the transformation of the human heart, which is required to arrive at any true change in our lives. 


Available in Paperback and ebook.
*Receive 20% off when you purchase in our store
+ Free shipping on orders over $40.00 with coupon code: INDIESTRONG

“What would happen if Paulo Coelho and Alan Watts had a love child? It might look a lot like Thomas Qualls’s new book, Painted Oxen. I am rarely challenged by modern fiction: challenged to keep up, to stretch, to imagine, to feel. Somehow this writer weaves mystery, ancient wisdom, and one hell of a sexy story into a book that makes you wonder, makes you think.”

–Jacob Nordby, author of Blessed Are the Weird – A Manifesto for Creatives

“Who is the teacher? Who is the student? Who is the traveler? Who is the guide? Surrender yourself to this well-traveled tale, with its spices and sounds, bustling streets and windswept high mountain passes. Amidst the shifting faces, dreams, times, and places, a multidimensional tapestry of lessons unfold. When you begin, you are a greenhorn; a fool on a search. By the end, a change occurs within heart-mind. Painted Oxen is literary alchemy, but the journey won’t end when you put the book down.” 

–Frank LaRue Owen, author of The School of Soft-Attention

“Part travelogue, part dream journal, part meditation, Thomas Lloyd Qualls’ Painted Oxen is less a work of literature than it is a work of alchemy. Dreams and reality mingle here until the reader does not know if they have dreamed the book or the book is dreaming them.” 

–Jason Kirkey, author of The Taste of Water and Stone

“Reading Thomas Qualls’ ‘Painted Oxen’ I am reminded of a quote by T. E. Lawrence, ‘All men dream but not equally.’  Qualls’ multi threaded narrative explores the crisscrossed yet meshed realities of the senses, the spiritual quest and the dream realm.  The reader is also a select disciple on this pilgrimage and reciting the alchemy contained in these pages is softly and inescapably transmuted at the end.”
–Poet J. K. McDowell, author of Night,Mystery & Light

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